• May 19th 2021

Rental Market continues to show strong signs!

The rental market continues to show strong signs of growth outside London for the last four and a half years! The average cost of renting a home outside London rose by 3% year-on-year in the previous three months of 2021, with the average rent being £780 ... more

  • May 5th 2021

Top 9 facts for Landlords in 2021

With the start of 2021 bringing many changes to the property market, the Buy-To-Let market has undoubtedly seen some changes. Below are our top 9 facts that we feel Landlords should know in 2021! Fact 1 The government’s new debt respite ... more

  • Apr 26th 2021

Which properties are selling the fastest?

Although the property market is thriving and continues to show strong signs for the rest of the year, houses are selling three times faster than flats, as more people are searching for space! Whether you are moving from a 2 to a 3 bed property, or a 4/5 ... more

  • Apr 19th 2021

How to choose a Buy-To-Let property

When choosing a Buy-To-Let property, you need to think entirely different and have a head over heart approach. Whether you are looking to become a property investor or are an avid one, you have most likely bought a home for yourself. You know the emotions ... more

  • Apr 8th 2021

How will the strength of the housing market post the current lockdown?

How will the strength of the housing market fair after the transition from an economy which has been in several lock downs and starting to head back towards normality. We are looking at several aspects of the property market, including its current ... more

  • Mar 25th 2021

Property tax changes expected this financial year!

In light of the new budget, some property tax changes are due to come into effect over the next financial year. Although details are still sketchy, we have written an overview of what property tax changes are expected. The government is looking to ... more

  • Mar 15th 2021

Finding the right mortgage, what are my options?

With the property market thriving and many of us looking to move into a new home or buy one for the first time, choosing your mortgage can be daunting with the many types and options available. It helps to be in the know, so we have written this blog ... more

  • Mar 9th 2021

Everything you need to know about the new Stamp Duty Holiday Extension

Since the first stamp duty holiday was announced, the property market has thrived and is set to continue until the end of the year, after the recent announcement by Chancellor Rishi Sunak. With the pent-up demand from buyers who want to move home, ... more

  • Feb 26th 2021

More than 750,000 buyers have benefited from the stamp duty holiday!

More than 750,000 buyers have benefited from the stamp duty holiday announcement, with an average of £4,660 saved per property transaction for people who have bought a home up to £500,000. Collectively, since Rishi Sonak made the stamp duty holiday ... more