• Feb 16th 2018

Chinese New Year - Will the Year of the Dog be a Good Omen for House Prices?

o    The Chinese New Year officially begins on Friday 16th February, bringing in the Year of the Dog.o    The Chinese zodiac animals rotate every 12 years and we’ve taken a look at average house price growth for each of the years represented by ... more

  • Feb 12th 2018

What are the odds of selling your home?

When you selling your home it is vitally important to ask the agents, you invite to value your home and you are thinking of using, questions that will help you make not just an informed decision, but the right decision for you:How long does it take you ... more

  • Feb 8th 2018

Leicester Property Market Snapshot

What’s happening to house prices in Leicester? Significantly, the number of overall transactions in the Leicester area, during the last 12 months has declined by 13%, compared to the previous 12 months. This correlates with a national reduction in ... more