• May 30th 2024

House Price Index: May 2024

Overview The UK housing market has seen a modest decline in house prices over the past year, with a 0.1% drop. Despite this, market activity is on the rise with increased supply and more sales being agreed upon. Here's the latest update from the Zoopla ... more

  • May 28th 2024

Renters Reform Bill Withdrawal

Propertymark, the agents' trade body, reports that many in the industry are relieved that the Renters Reform Bill has been shelved due to the General Election. The Bill did not advance through the 'wash up' process last week, a procedure that fast-tracks ... more

  • May 21st 2024

Spring Housing Market Hits Record High

The average asking price for homes in Great Britain has reached a new peak this month, climbing to just over £375,000, a 0.8% increase. Spring is traditionally the busiest season for the housing market, often leading to price increases. This year, ... more

  • May 15th 2024

2024 Mortgage Rate Outlook: Anticipated Decreases in Rates

For 2024, there is an expectation that mortgage rates might decrease, though this may occur more slowly than initially anticipated. As of May 2024, fixed-rate mortgages have seen a rise following a period of decline. Despite recent increases, there ... more

  • May 7th 2024

Evaluating the Cost of Long-Term Mortgages

Long-term mortgages may seem appealing due to lower monthly payments, but they come with a hefty price tag in the form of increased interest payments. Key Insights: A significant portion of mortgage applicants are now opting for longer terms, with ... more