Student Accommodation Reservation Form

To make a reservation on a property, this application form needs to be completed in full and signed by each applicant for the property along with the full holding deposit being paid. The amount payable can be calculated using the following equation: (Weekly Rental Figure = Holding Deposit).

In order for your application to be successful tenants will be required to obtain a UK based guarantor who is in full time employment and has a UK passport or driving licence.

The holding deposit can be paid via cash or bank transfer. Prior to payment being made please ensure you visit our website to review our tenancy agreement under the forms section.

If any information provided on this application is found to be false or misleading you will automatically lose your holding deposit and this would not be refundable.

The property is to be reserved for a period of 14 days from receipt of the holding deposit, within this time you must successfully complete all relevant paperwork, return all requested documents and sign a tenancy agreement prior to the 14-day deadline. Please be aware that should any of the applicant(s) provide foul or misleading information or fail to provide the necessary information required to carry out the above within the 14 days, the property will be re-marketed and the holding deposit will be forfeited if all the above is not completed by the 15th date of holding fee being received.

The 14-day timeframe can be extended if mutually agreed in form of a written agreement between the applicant(s) and Danvers Estate Agents/Landlord. Your holding deposit will be retuned in full within 7 days if the landlord or agent chooses to withdraw from the proposed agreement.

Additional Conditions Of Tenancy

It is hereby agreed that the above property is reserved subject to the following conditions being met by the Landlord prior to occupation. Should these conditions not be met then the Landlord will have 14 days from the commencement of the tenancy to rectify the issues, otherwise the agreement will be deemed void and the landlord or tenant(s) may serve notice to terminate the contract with immediate effect. However, all properties are rented as seen and no additional works will be carried out to the properties prior to occupation other than those listed below:


Lead Tenant Details *(Lead tenant is the first point of contact)


*Where there are joint tenants, the lead tenant will represent the interests of any joint tenants and will act on their behalf in connection with the deposit and any forms relating to this deposit. For the DPS custodial scheme this will include the Joint Deposit Repayment process, the Single Claim process and the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. For the DPS Insured scheme this will mean reclaiming the deposit from the letting agent/landlord and initiating/ dealing with any dispute that may arise, which is resolved by the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. The lead tenant must be nominated by all of the joint tenants. If the deposit has been paid by a company, and the company will be responsible for the deposit, please enter the contact name of the person dealing with the deposit from the company as the lead tenant.

I/We hereby confirm that the information provided is true and accurate and give permission for this information to be verified by Danvers Estate Agents

I/We understand that providing false information may lead to early termination of any subsequent tenancy agreement. I/We agree for Danvers Estate Agents and any other relevant parties to contact me in respect to this application if required. I/We have read and agree to be bound by the above terms.

I/We the undersigned confirm we have been given a copy of the tenant’s advice notes (or read the information via our website) and confirm I/We have read and understood the contents. Furthermore, I/We agree that APVP Ltd t/a Danvers Estate Agents may from time to time share the information received in terms of references with the landlord/owner of the property and any other 3rd party as deemed necessary in the letting of the property.

I/We agree to pay a holding deposit to Danvers Estate Agents prior to taking occupation of the above property. I/We confirm we have viewed the property and I/We agree to rent the property as seen and I/We are aware that I/We will lose our holding deposit if I/We do not proceed with the letting of the property or fail to complete all the necessary paperwork within 14 days.

I/We declare that the above information is understood and acceptable.

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