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Student Accommodation Reservation Form

To make a reservation on a property, this application form needs to be fully completed and signed by each member of the group and the full reservation amount paid. The amounts payable are as follows: the Reservation Fee which is £150 per person and the Agency Fee (Admin Fee) which is £75 person. This can be paid by cash, card or online transfer.

The Reservation Fee is held as an additional non-returnable holding fee until the date the contract commences when this amount then becomes your deposit bond subject to the terms and conditions contained within the tenancy agreement.

Additional Conditions Of Tenancy

It is hereby agreed that the above property is reserved subject to the following conditions being met by the Landlord. Should these conditions not be met then the Landlord will have 7 days from the commencement of the tenancy to rectify the issues, otherwise the agreement will be deemed void and the landlord or tenants may serve notice to terminate the contract with immediate effect. However, all properties are rented as seen and no additional works will be carried out to the properties prior to occupation other than those listed below:


Lead Tenant Details *(Lead tenant is the first point of contact)


I/We agree that APVP Limited t/a Danvers Estate Agents may from time to time share the information received in terms of references with the landlord/owner of the property and any other 3rd party as deemed necessary in the letting of the property.

I/We agree to pay a non-refundable Agency Fee (Admin Fee) to Danvers Estate Agents prior to taking occupation of the above property. I/We agree to rent the property as seen. The Reservation fee (£150.00) acts as an additional holding fee in the first instance and is non-refundable up to the date of the commencement of the tenancy. Following the commencement of the tenancy this amount will revert to a deposit bond and will be subject to all the terms and conditions contained within the tenancy agreement.

I/We agree to return all the required paperwork as supplied within 14 days from the date of the tenancy agreement being signed. I/We agree that should I/We fail to return the necessary documents I/We will be liable to pay a fee of £25.00 + Vat every 7 days until the forms are returned.

I/We will provide 2 proofs of identification which are normally Passport and University ID Card. NOTE:- Should you not have a Passport check HERE for other acceptable proofs. Proofs can be scanned and uploaded on the next page.

I/We declare that the above information is understood and acceptable.