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  • Mar 1st 2018

Does Large Scale Infrastructure and Major Development Affect Number of Homes Selling?

Can Large Scale Infrastructure and Development Affect the Sales Turnover of Privately Owned Homes in England and Wales? Here we take a look at an informative analysis of the affect ... more

  • Feb 16th 2018

Chinese New Year - Will the Year of the Dog be a Good Omen for House Prices?

o    The Chinese New Year officially begins on Friday 16th February, bringing in the Year of the Dog. o    more

  • Feb 12th 2018

What are the odds of selling your home?

When you selling your home it is vitally important to ask the agents, you invite to value your home and you are thinking of using, questions that will help you make not just an informed decision, but the right decision ... more

  • Feb 8th 2018

Leicester Property Market Snapshot

What’s happening to house prices in Leicester?   Significantly, the number ... more

  • Jan 23rd 2018

Energy Efficency - Rented Sector - Average Premiums Paid by Tenants Per Year...

From 1st April, all new rental leases and renewals of tenancies will be required to have an energy performance rating of at least E on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). For existing tenancies, the regulations ... more

  • Jan 18th 2018

When Is The Right Time To Sell?

When Is The Right Time To Sell? With the new year underway, for many of us, thoughts turn towards plans for the future, among which can be moving house.  ... more

  • Jan 11th 2018

Average House Prices 17% Higher in Areas With Fast Broadband

Average House Prices 17% Higher In Areas With Fast Broadband  

  • An estimated third of employees spend at ... more

  • Jan 9th 2018

2018 House Market Predictions - Who Is Saying What?

There are number of different opinions and sources on house price indices and property market forecasts.  As these can vary and sometimes appear to contradict one another it can be confusing to know what is happening ... more

  • Jan 8th 2018

CATCH 22: Do We Sell First or Buy?

Catch 22 – Should We Sell First or Buy? The New Year is upon us and for ... more