• Aug 19th 2023

Riding the Waves of Change: Leicester's Rental Landscape

The dynamics of Leicester's property market, especially in the realm of rentals, have been in the spotlight recently. Both landlords and tenants find themselves navigating an evolving landscape, with challenges and opportunities alike. Let's dive into ... more

  • Aug 10th 2023

Forging the Path Towards Greener Homes in the UK

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the urgency to combat climate change, the question of whether homes in the UK are going green has gained significant traction. Amidst this growing concern, one key aspect remains at the forefront – the need ... more

  • Aug 7th 2023

Navigating Mortgage Rates: What You Need to Know

In the ever-changing landscape of mortgage rates, it's essential to stay informed about the shifts that could impact your financial decisions. Let's break down the recent developments and their potential effects. 1. Mortgage Rates on the Move Mortgage ... more

  • Aug 3rd 2023

Bank of England Signals Prolonged Higher Interest Rates Amidst Soaring Inflation

In a bid to combat surging price increases, the Bank of England has declared that interest rates will remain higher for an extended period—the first time such a tactic has been employed. The Bank has taken this action while raising rates from 5% ... more