• Jun 23rd 2021

Mortgage choice at an all-time high!

With the pent-up demand in the property market, mortgage choice is also rising due to competition amongst lenders. Lending in the property market has reached a record high, as the property market continues to show strong signs since the global financial ... more

  • Jun 10th 2021

What to do if your house gets downvalued by the bank...

When you find your dream home and you are willing to pay the full asking price, your lender may come back to you with a lower valuation by as much as 20%! Although property prices are booming due to the pent-up demand caused by the Stamp Duty Holiday, ... more

  • Jun 4th 2021

More than half of homeowners live in homes that fail to meet their needs

From pets buried in the garden to the draw of the local coffee shop or pub, what's stopping people from moving? Just over half of UK homeowners claim to be stuck in a home that doesn't meet their needs. The average homeowner says they would ... more