• Apr 27th 2024

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Achieving optimal rental yield is the cornerstone of a successful buy-to-let investment, particularly in the ever-evolving landscape of the UK property market in 2024. Landlords must navigate various challenges, including covering expenses such as repairs, ... more

  • Apr 17th 2024

Spring Home-Selling Season: Seizing the Opportunity

As the vibrant colours of spring emerge, so does the bustling activity in the property market. The pull of warmer weather coupled with the promise of new beginnings prompts a surge in homeowners listing their properties for sale. This year, the momentum ... more

  • Apr 16th 2024

Landlords’ Obligations Regarding Energy Efficiency in 2024

In recent years, government policies on energy efficiency requirements for privately rented properties have undergone multiple changes. To provide clarity on landlords' responsibilities concerning energy efficiency, we've put together this ... more

  • Apr 4th 2024

Will Mortgage Rates Decrease in 2024?

As we progress into 2024, understanding the path of mortgage rates is crucial for prospective homebuyers. Projected Stability in Mortgage Rates Industry forecasts suggest that mortgage rates will stabilise, remaining slightly above 4% throughout ... more