When you selling your home it is vitally important to ask the agents, you invite to value your home and you are thinking of using, questions that will help you make not just an informed decision, but the right decision for you:

How long does it take you to agree a sale normally?

What percentage of asking price do you achieve, on average?

Another important question for you to ask, should be:

What are the chances you will actually sell my property, at all?

In recent weeks some of the D.I.Y agents, (I refer to them as D.I.Y. as most agents are online, and most agents do not charge for viewing packages as extras), have come under the spotlight as question marks have been posed by city analysts and other organisations, including the BBC, as to how many properties they actually go on to sell.

From a consumer point of view, this should form an important part of the decision making process.� When deciding which agent you feel most comfortable with and which agent you feel will achieve the best result for you, it is likely you will want to know "What are the odds". � All the more so, if you are thinking of using a D.I.Y agent that charges you upfront for their fees.

If the allegations arising from recent reports, (that only approximately 53 percent of properties instructed through the DIY agents sell are to be believed, then is this not akin to asking consumers to flip a coin (with 50 - 50 odds) with �800 - �1,300 at stake?

If I asked you to flip a coin and if you lost pay me one thousand pounds, what would you do?

What are we at Danvers Estate Agents achieving for our clients?

We re-launched our sales department 1st October 2017.� Since then and up to 31st January 2018, (our most recent reporting period), we have sold 85% of all properties we have been instructed on.� At an average of 103% of asking price.� In terms of time-scales these vary from 9 days on the market to 30 days on the market.� For us, each individual vendor has a different idea of the time frame they want to achieve their goals within, we work with our invidual client's needs in mind.

The average house price in Leicester, over the last 12 months, across all types of property is �199,177 (figures taken from our recent Property Market Review February 2018).� The extra three percent we have been achieving for clients, on average could equate to an extra �5,975 achieved for our clients, using the average house price in the Leicester area, as a guide.

In terms of our fees - we are not the most expensive agent.� We are not the cheapest agent in terms of fees.� However, we believe that we represent excellent value for money for our clients.

Most importantly, we do NOT charge any up front fees.  We operate on a No Sale No Fee basis.  We believe we should only get paid once we have done the job of selling your home for you.

Come on the market, and decide to come off - No Fee.

Come on the market, we agree a sale, but you have a change of heart and stay put - No Fee. 

We only get paid on successful completion of sale.  It is that simple.

If you feel you could save yourselve a few hundred pounds on fees by choosing one agent instead of another.� Make sure you are happy and fully aware of what the agent will actually achieve on the sale price for you.� The difference in sale prices achieved could be as great as five thousand pounds to ten thousand pounds or more.� Suddenly, that several hundred pound saving on face value, at the very beginning of your journey, may not sound quite as appealing.

Whilst we love selling houses, what matters most to us at Danvers Estate Agents, is understanding our clients's needs and their goals. Then, establishing ways we can help our clients to achieve their goals and, hopefully, surpass their expectations!

As sales manager, I am proud of what we have achieved as a team, so far, for our clients.� In fact, we are currently running low on properties to sell.� So if you are thinking of selling in the near future, or you know of any friends and family in the Leicestershire area, that may benefit from an introduction to us - why not contact us today?� We would love to hear from you, learn about your goals and help you achieve them!

Here's a couple of questions for you to consider, in the meantime:

What is your most valuable asset?�

What is your most treasured asset, in terms of emotional attachment?

If the answer to either of these, or indeed both, is your home.� Naturally you will want to ensure you achieve the best result you can, when it comes to selling it, whatever your underlying reason, or goal is, for the sale.

Whatever you decide when it comes to selling your home, and whichever agent you feel most comfortable with, it is worth remembering that the cheapest agent is the one who achieves the highest price for your home, not the one who charges you the lowest fee.�

�The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten� � Benjamin Franklin

All the best


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