Tips to help your home sell through winter

1.      Get new photographs to reflect the season.  I see many property photographs that are never updated and consequently can make the property appear stale and stagnant.  Seasonal flora can look great, daffodils in early spring, wisteria in May/June, however they can soon date a property listing.  As do Christmas decorations apparent in the spring/summer listings!  Danvers Estate Agents use combinations of property, lifestyle and twilight photographs that give your home a distinctive look that stands out.

2.      Remove extra heaters for viewings and make sure they are not visible in photographs.  These can give the impression your heating is not good enough.

3.      Create a cosy look and bring out the chunky knit throws, light the fire, (where applicable), and put some seasonal candles on.  Using side lights or white fairy lights can help create an ambience that really works!

4.      Clear falling leaves from the garden and front drive/path.  Fine tune hanging baskets by removing dead flowers and replanting with autumn/winter flowers.  Keeping the outside tidy is just as important as the inside.

5.      Put your home on the market for a price that will sell.  Check out the latest comparables, what have other similar homes sold for?  Does your home stand out from the competition?

6.      Contact your agent and speak to them about how to boost the interest in your home.  We always keep in touch with our clients to make sure their homes are being marketed to the very best.


If you have any questions or need help with your house sale then do get in touch.  Letting it pass won’t sell your home but our expertise will.

I am Charlie and I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals by selling their home for the best price within a timeframe that suits their needs.

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