Whether you bought your first home, or are in the process of decorating, but have a budget in mind, there are several ways that you can get an on-trend décor on a budget. 

Homeowners are spending more time in the kitchen, creating these open and family spaces that can be used for several purposes. Adding colour to your kitchen is on the trend at the moment according to home renovation platform Houzz. 

Colours such as happy shades of blues, greens, purples and even yellow are being used to liven the kitchen up. Instead of using a single colour throughout the ktichen, homeowners are using multiple and contrasting colours to create a brighter look. 

A brand new kitchen can cost an average of £10,000, but a little DIY can ensure you get that kitchen you’ve wanted for a much moderate budget. 

If you have a kitchen with wooden cabinets, these are the easiest to repaint in brighter shades. For you to achieve this, you must sand the doors down and add a coat of primer.

Laminate cabinets, on the other hand, are a little trickier, as they required a particular type of primer to ensure the paint sticks. You will also have to ensure that there no cracks on the surface.

Tired-looking tiles can also be repainted to give an extra splash of colour. There are special paints for tiles, or you can use oil-based gloss paint as long as you prime the surface first.

Using eco-friendly materials is one of the easiest ways to replace items on a budget. Sustainability at the moment is a buzz word concerning interior decorating. You might also find items for sale on eBay, Gumtree that you might be able to revamp and add your twist. For example, you might buy a second-hand sofa and get a cover made, giving it a new look.

Coffee tables, chairs and many other items can be found for an attractive price, to which you can revamp them by adding a new coat of paint or even wrapping these items with a special type of wrap that you can buy in DIY stores. 

Bamboo is another great way to emphasise sustainability, giving you that unique and modern look. Bamboo can be used for flooring, in furniture and can be woven as a fabric. The cost of bamboo is relatively cheap, and you can use this to bring some life into your existing furniture. 

Using bold colours like in the kitchen can bring a room into life, especially when having a featured wall that is out there in terms of its colour. Once the rooms are painted, you can start accessorising your room with fabrics, lampshades, cushions, and any type of accessory that brings life into the room.

Try creating contrasting colours that match. For example, grey and yellow are a great combination, but not often used. Trending colours for bedrooms are navy blue, deep greens and dark grey tones at the moment.

Creating a statement bathroom is also another way to create a new look for it. Using eye-catching tiles and accessories can go a long way. Usually, bathrooms have our essentials, however, adding colour can bring a new lease of life. For example, using little trays, fake plants, contrasting rugs to the wall tiles are some suggestions. Don’t forget paining the calling too, especially in white, as this can brighten your bathroom. 

These are only some suggestions on what can be achieved on a budget when it comes to decorating your home. There are many DIY videos and ideas that you can pick up online and from YouTube. All you need is your imagination!

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