Homeowners will be able to add two storeys to their properties without having to go through the normal planning approval process, providing a new government law comes into effect as planned.

The Government is looking to improve the way the 70-year-old planning system, to simplify the process and make it easier for homeowners to change their homes to accommodate growing families. This new law is subject to come into effect in September subject to approval.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said: “It will mean that families can add up to two storeys to their home, providing much-needed additional space for children or elderly relatives as their household grows.”

With the current legislation in place, planning permission is required when extending a property above a certain height, delaying the start date for any building work to take place by several months. The new law will cut paperwork to just eight weeks in comparison to the current 16-week average.

The extensions can be applied to the main property or applied to a self-contained property, like an annexe. This news has also been well received by landlords who own retail and commercial properties, as it will apply to any commercial properties that are converted into housing, without full planning permission requirement.

The Government is looking to rejuvenate city centres and reduce the impact new housing is having on greenfield sites across the country.

The simplified planning permission system will allow homeowners to modify their existing homes, rather than moving up the property ladder. Many homeowners are happy with where they live, the schools their children attend and have a close attachment to their home due to family memories.

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This is subject to further government policy changes.