Virtual viewings are taking off as home-hunters continue to look for new properties during the coronavirus lockdown.

At Danvers, we are finding that the use of technology is proving so popular with buyers and renters and that some are willing to put in an offer to buy or rent a home on the strength of the virtual viewing alone. 

For those who are keen to find a new home, there remains plenty of choice. Our figures show there has been no mass withdrawal of homes from the property market as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The overall market comparison shows that the number of homes for sale is currently only one percent lower today than on March 7.

How do virtual viewings work?

There are several ways that virtual viewings can work. The seller can create a video, showing you around every corner of the property.

If the property is empty, we can do a property walk-through ourselves, and answer any questions you have.

With both options, you can also request for additional photos or videos to be taken, so that you can view them in your own time.

What type of homes offer a virtual tour?

Both residential and commercial properties can be suitable for a virtual tour. We are seeing a demand for virtual viewings of residential properties, especially with an increase in demand from buyers.

As more and more people are getting used to working remotely, the picture of how property viewings are made is also changing, with buyers and renters accepting virtual viewings. If you are looking to sell your property, now is a great time to speak with us, as property searches have been increasing in the last couple of weeks, with the current trend looking to have a long term effect.

How can I get a virtual viewing added to my property listing?

If your home is currently occupied, we are unable to do a virtual viewing due to the social distancing rules in place. However, we can guide you through recording a walk-through video using your smartphone.

If the property is empty and no one is living there, we can carry out a virtual viewing on your behalf.

Home-staging tips and tricks

Have a good tidy up and declutter before you begin filming, and consider home-staging. 

Pick a time of day to film your tour when the light is best in your home, as how much light a property gets is one of the key things potential buyers look for.

Finally, don’t rush your tour, but move around your home slowly to give potential buyers an excellent feel for it. 

If you are lucky enough to have some eye-catching features, such as an antique fireplace or ornate banisters, be sure to showcase these in your tour.

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