Can Large Scale Infrastructure and Development Affect the Sales Turnover of Privately Owned Homes in England and Wales?

Here we take a look at an informative analysis of the affect of Major Infrastructure and Development on the turnover of privately owned homes in different areas of England & Wales.

Needless to say, turnover % of private homes sold in 2017 remains high in HS2 corridor and Oxford - Cambridge Arc.
With Leicestershire, Rutland and their corresponding LE post codes effectively on a par with (or just over) the average turnover rates throughout England & Wales:

• 4.3% of private homes, across England Wales sold/ changed hands in 2017- although levels of turnover varied across the country.
• It is interesting that these areas correspond with or are close enough to be benefitting from large scale infrastructure investment in the form of HS2, Crossrail and the Cambridge – Oxford growth corridor.
• Highest levels of turnover (properties sold as a percentage of private housing stock) were concentrated in three main areas; Milton Keynes/Northampton, Shropshire/Cheshire and Swindon.
• Lowest levels of turnover in the year were found in London and other parts of the country where prices are lower.

In short - the percentage of private homes that sold during 2017 in LE postcodes across Leicestershire and Rutland  was approx 4.5% - 4.75%.  House price growth in the county remains stronger than the national average, as demand still outstrips supply in terms of available opportunities:  new homes being built and levels of second-hand homes coming to the open market.

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