Glorious Gardens

It doesn't matter how big/small your outside space is make the most of it.  Show it off with garden furniture, even a small bistro table can work wonders to show your buyers that this is a useable space.

Use a garden mirror to make a yard feel bigger – they will reflect both light and colours, adding an extra dimension to your garden.  If you have high stone walls that enclose your garden, consider fence cladding and a climbing plant to make a simple retreat for book reading in the summer.

Got a large garden?  Mow the lawn and strim the edges.  Consider using a lawn edging tool to create a manicured/landscaped lawn, it makes a HUGE difference.  Make your garden look easy to manage, it will sell much quicker and be more appealing to families. 

Your Extra Room

A garden is like an extra room in the summer so try and keep children's toys tidied away for viewing days. 

Mend broken fence panels, and paint them to make your garden look like new.

Low fences between you and the neighbours can be off putting, try using large plants in planters to screen the neighbours and make your buyers feel more at ease.

Bring in colour, it's a great way to cheer up a dark day.  Use bright pots too, then you can take them with you when you leave, BONUS!! 

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. - Audrey Hepburn 

Buyer's Wishlist

Gardens are a priority for most buyer's wish lists, so make the most of every inch of outdoor space you have.  If you are looking to attract families, lay a lawn!  It will increase the perceived value of your property therefore attracting more potential buyers.  Landscaped, low maintenance gardens with paved and gravelled terraces look great, don’t get me wrong – but consider the target market for your home.  Who are you buyers likely to be? What are the typical lifestyles of your target buyers?  I’ve seen stunning landscaped gardens with gravelled/paved terraces, bedding borders deter families from buying a four-bedroom detached home because “the children can’t kick a ball around in the garden”.  The couple selling the home were retired and spent half the year in South Africa, so their low-maintenance garden was ideal for their lifestyle – but not ideal for their target buyers. 


Dress For Success

Providing the weather is kind – dress your garden furniture – add cushions/throws to garden chairs and benches – “dress” the table with a bottle of wine and glasses, or a continental breakfast with orange juice and some storm lantern candles.  Add garden lights – solar lights are pretty and tend to be cheap, or consider PIR sensored floodlights.  Light the chimenea/patio heater for added effect, too.

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