In a word, YES!  If you are currently on the market and do not have a floorplan, you need to ask why?  You could be missing out on enquiries, viewings and ultimately that elusive buyer!  Rightmove research suggests floorplans are one of the most important aspects of property presentation to buyers, with over a third of buyers stating they were less likely to enquire about a property without a floorplan.


A floorplan is more important that the main image or the summary description

Buyers rate floorplans just as important as the photographs and more than the detailed description – they want to see a room layout, how it fits in relation to other rooms and visualise/understand the flow of the property.  One buyer commented: “pictures can be deceptive, a floorplan is definitive”.


Home-hunters are less likely to arrange a viewing if there is no floorplan

Common feedback to the Rightmove survey was “I am less likely to arrange a viewing without a floorplan”.  Time was shown to be a key factor why they avoid viewing properties without a floorplan.  “Time is a commodity and there are normally many other properties with a floorplan which I would rather view”.  1 in 10 buyers actually said they would never arrange a viewing if they had not seen a floorplan first.  “The absence of a floorplan is a barrier”, summed up one respondent.


In this age, there is no reason why an estate agent should not be including a floorplan within their marketing presentation of your home.  Floorplans should be a standard part of the service.  Many agents charge extra for floorplans, again, personally, it should be a standard part of the service.


Floorplans maximise your chances of finding a buyer

Floorplans help buyers to visualise and remember your home, after having viewed, when comparing with others, or simply discussing the property with their partner and family.


It is clear floorplans are vital part of presenting your home and offer sellers a clear advantage of increasing interest, viewings and ultimately offers.  If you are currently on the market and do not have a floorplan – you need to ask why your agent did not include one in the first place, or simply use another agent that provides this standard service.